Confidence In the Community

vs. doubt

Trusting and acting on my own judgment and abilities

To practice Confidence, I will:

  • learn from criticism
  • communicate assertively
  • recognize that past negative life experiences do not dictate my future
  • overcome worry
  • visualize success

You’ve Got This! 

by Mary Andres Russell

How encouraging to hear that statement!  Whether from a friend, co-worker, teacher or parent, the statement expresses their confidence in our ability to do the job well, perform the task…  It says that others believe in us, even when we don’t quite believe in ourselves. 

When we speak words of encouragement to others, it has a powerful effect of building their confidence.  We are not only lifting them up, but we are also empowering them to achieve their goals.

Many experts recommend that we praise our children or students four times as often as we correct them.  When we speak words of encouragement, it communicates our expectations and lets children know what they are doing right.  Praise the behavior you want to see, and correct when necessary.    

Who can you encourage today?  A child, a coworker, a student, a grandchild?  Who do you know that would benefit from a quick text or call to let them know, “You’ve got this!”


The Links below will take you to Resources you can use with the family or within community organizations
to teach the Character Quality of Confidence.
The following activities are related to dates this month and can relate to any character quality or good character in general.

September Character All Month

See NationalToday and BrownieLocks for more information on these and other holidays to celebrate this month. Day in September Holiday How to Commemorate with Character 1 World Letter Writing Day Today is World Letter Writing Day. Who do you know that would love to...

First Day Of Autumn

Make a Character Tree to identify character-based behavior on which you can focus. You can either draw or print a picture of a tree. Write suggestions of good behaviors on cutouts of leaves. If you write in a bold black marker, the children can color them with fall...

Day of Encouragement

Day of Encouragement (Sept 12) was started in 2007 by a group of Searcy, Arkansas teenagers who felt that encouragement could help many teens face their problems. The Mayor of Searcy proclaimed September 12, Day of Encouragement. A similar proclamation was made by the...

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