About the Character Council

What We Do

The Character Council which serves Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana promotes and encourages character through:

  • community presentations and workplace training
  • email and social media reminders
  • website resources
  • lessons and activities for children
  • books and other character resources for families and professionals
  • engaging businesses, schools, faith organizations and communities in processes to enhance climate and culture.

The Council joins organizations in more than 200 cities, in association with Character First!, that have pledged to encourage good character. Local businessman and entrepreneur, Michael P. Daly, is Founder of our Character Council. Football Hall of Famer, Anthony Muñoz, served as the Character Council’s spokesperson in its formative years. Mary Andres Russell served as Executive Director for 13 years.

The Character Council’s efforts are being embraced by the business, education, faith and government segments of our community. The result is a community-wide effort to strengthen our own character and that of our families, neighbors and community.

Our organization is committed to the idea that through a promotion of good character qualities we can help create a stronger, safer and more unified community.

We hope that every citizen will benefit from a discovery or rediscovery of good character qualities, including children and teenagers. It’s our belief that if our youth are given fundamental instruction in and encouragement to practice these basic qualities, they’ll become better equipped to lead fuller lives and to contribute more effectively to Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s dynamic community.

These qualities – gratefulness, loyalty, justice and determination among them – are key to every person’s well-being and sense of self. Yet often we fail to learn and develop them when our core values are forming. Also, sometimes as adults we find the temptation to drop our “character guard” and take the easy way out of a tough situation too great.

Every individual, family and community shares traits that make it unique from every other individual, family and community. We recognize and celebrate the strength that diversity brings to our community, and how each individual and family contributes to our community’s rich tapestry. By reintroducing these core character qualities to Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana through a focused campaign, every individual and family has the opportunity to adapt each quality to their own lives-regardless of social, economic or religious situation. These character qualities reach out to and benefit everyone.