No Matter How You Say It: Responsibility

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In Other Languages

Spanish – responsibilidad

French – responsabilité

German – Verantwortung

Italian – responsabilità

Swedish – ansvar

Basque – erantzukizuna

Portugese – responsabilidade


Word Origin

The word responsible comes from two Latin roots, responsum, which means “an answer, a reply” and spondere, which means “to promise”. Can you see how responsibility is a promised response?

Sign Language

Check out the following links from for the American Sign Language interpretation of the words:



Can you see how responsibility is shouldering a burden and irresponsibility is throwing it aside?

Responsibility Idioms

the finger of responsibility
The strongest blame of having done something wrong. Most often followed by “points at (someone or something)”.

Pass the buck
Placing blame or responsibility onto someone else

On somebody’s shoulders
To be responsible for someone

The buck stops here
To take responsibility for something

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