No Matter How You Say It: Punctuality

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In Other Languages

Spanish – puntualidad

French – ponctualité

German – Pünktlichkeit

Italian – puntualità

Swedish – punktlighet

Basque – puntualtasuna

Portugese – pontualidade


Word Origin

Punctuality comes from Medieval Latin punctualis c. 1400, “having a sharp point; producing punctures,”.  The meaning “prompt” is recorded by 1670s, from the notion of “exact, precise, insisting on fine points,” including the observation of time and the keeping of appointments (c. 1600). 

Can you see how punctuality is precise – not fashionably late?

from Online Etymology Dictionary 

Sign Language



Can you see the importance of time in Punctual and how Tardy is showing behind?

Punctuality Idioms

“under the wire”

“on the dot”

“on the nose”

“time waits for no one”

“perfect timing”

“timing is everything”

“time’s awastin'”

“only time will tell”

“a race against time”

“a stitch in time”

 “on borrowed time”