No Matter How You Say It: Patience

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In Other Languages

Spanish – paciencia 

French – patience

German – Geduld

Italian – pazienza

Swedish – tålamod

Basque – pazientzia

Portugese – paciência


Word Origin

The word patient comes from from Latin patins, present participle of pat, which means “to endure”. Can you see how patience is related to endurance?

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Sign Language

Check out the following links from for the American Sign Language interpretation of the words


Can you see how one sign has slow motions and implies quiet and the other is faster and fidgety?


Patience Idioms

“Sit tight”  To wait patiently; to bide one’s time
“Patient as Job” Very patient (Alludes to the biblical figure Job)
“Out of patience” Annoyed and impatient after being patient for a while
“Hold on to your hat” To slow down and be patient

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As a Baby Name

Patience has been growing in popularity as a girl’s name over the last few years according to BabyCenter.