Patience strengthens:

  • Decisiveness so that you take the time necessary to work through a difficult decision
  • Wisdom by taking the time necessary to understand a situation.
  • Dependability by taking the time necessary to fulfill a promise.
  • Resilience by taking the time necessary to recover from a difficult situation
  • Creativity by taking the time necessary to really think through a creative solution.

Patience is a lot like:








Patience is strengthened by:

  • Determination by helping to stay focused on working through a difficult situation.
  • Alertness by coping with a delay when you notice something that needs doing now, so you can have the right attitude if it delays something else.
  • Humility by removing the focus from your own needs and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Endurance by using your inner strength to withstand a situation.
  • Positivity by keeping a good attitude.