No Matter How You Say It: Honesty

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Word Origin

​The word Honesty is from the Latin honestas. The original sense was ‘respectability,’ later ‘decorum, virtue, chastity.’

Can you see how being Honest gives one respectability?

Sign Language



Can you see how Honesty looks like a straight line – no deviations?

In Other Languages

Spanish – honestidad

​​​​French – honnêteté

German – ehrlichkeit

Italian – onestà 

Romanian – onestitate

Zulu – ukwethembeka

Honesty Idioms and Phrases

  • Above board
  • As honest as the day is long
  • As straight as an arrow
  • Be a beacon of truth
  • Be a crystal ball
  • Be a man (or woman) of your word
  • Be a person of principle
  • Be a straight shooter
  • Be above reproach
  • Be an open book
  • Be honest to a fault
  • Be sincere
  • Be truthful
  • Call a spade a spade
  • Come clean
  • Fair and square
  • Have a clear conscience
  • Have integrity
  • Let the chips fall where they may
  • Level with someone
  • Not beat around the bush
  • On the level
  • Play by the rules
  • Shoot straight from the hip
  • Tell it like it is
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve