No Matter How You Say It: Compassion

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Word Origin

From Latin com “with, together”+ pati “to suffer”. Can you see how Compassion is suffering with someone? Part of compassion is empathy, but the true value of Compassion comes when this feeling spurs you to action.

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Sign Language

Check out the following links from for the American Sign Language interpretation of the words:

Compassioncan you see Compassion coming from your heart?

Indifferent – go to the second option – can you see how uncaring indifference is?



Having a heart of gold

A bleeding heart

Being a Good Samaritan




Spanish: compassion
French: la compassion
Irish: comhbhá
Italian: compassione
German: Mitgefühl

In Other Languages

Spanish – compasión

French – compassion

German – Mitgefühl

Italian – compassione

Swedish – medkänsla

Basque – errukia

Portugese – compaixão