No Matter How You Say It: Attentiveness

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Word Origin

Attentiveness is derived from the Latin, attentus which means to be heedful or observant. It is a word form of attend and in this sense, it is an active verb. Can you see where attentiveness is more than just not being distracted but actively seeking to understand what you are focusing on?

Sign Language




Can you see how Attentive is focused as if wearing blinders and how inattentive is all over the place?

Attentiveness Idioms

“Center of attention”
“Snap to attention”
“Grab attention”
“Bring to the attention of”
“Pay attention”

From the

In Other Languages

Spanish – atención

French – attention

German – Aufmerksamkeit

Italian – attenzione

Swedish – uppmärksamhet

Basque – arreta

Portugese – atenção


Attentiveness in Kanji, the Japanese version of Chinese characters. It is made up of three characters. The first character means “concentrate on, notes, comment, annotate” as well as “pour, irrigate, shed (tears), flow into”. The second character means “idea, mind, thought” as well as “heart, taste, desire, care, liking”. The third character means “power, strength, strong, strain, bear up, exert”. So the three character symbol could be interpreted as “to concentrate on and idea with strength”.