No Matter How You Say It: Generosity

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Word Origin

Generosity comes from the Latin root Generosus which means “of good or noble birth”.  Can you see how being Generous is a noble thing to do?

Sign Language



Can you see how giving is connected to the heart?

Generosity Idioms

  • All heart
  • Be a beacon of hope
  • Be a bottomless pit of generosity
  • Be a friend in need
  • Be a giver, not a taker
  • Be a good Samaritan
  • Be a peacemaker
  • Be a philanthropist
  • Be a positive influence
  • Be a ray of sunshine
  • Be a role model
  • Be a shoulder to cry on
  • Be an angel
  • Be like a sunflower
  • Be like a wellspring of generosity
  • Be magnanimous
  • Be selfless
  • Generous to a fault
  • Give a blank check
  • Give a hand
  • Give freely
  • Give somebody a break
  • Give the shirt off your back
  • Give ’til it hurts
  • Go the extra mile
  • Have a big heart
  • Have a charitable spirit
  • Have a giving spirit
  • Have a heart of gold
  • Have a kind heart
  • Heart of gold
  • Open your wallet




                                        In Other Languages

                                        Spanish – generosidad

                                        French – générosité

                                        German – Großzügigkeit

                                        Italian – generosità

                                        Swedish – generositet

                                        Basque – eskuzabaltasuna

                                        Portugese – generosidade


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