No Matter How You Say It: Empathy

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In Other Languages

Spanish – empatía​​​

French – empathie

German – empathie

Italian – empatia

Finnish- empatia

Polish – empatia

Zulu – uzwela


Word Origin

The origin of the word Empathy comes from German Einfühlung (from ein “in” + Fühlung “feeling”).

Can you see how Empathy is getting “in” the feelings of others?

Sign Language



Can you see how Empathy is the recognizing a feeling of the heart and Callous is a break from the heart?


Empathy Idioms and Phrases

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Put Yourself in Someone’s Shoes

Pour One’s Heart Out


All Ears

Give a hoot

I feel your pain

I hear what you are saying

Listen with your heart

See things from your side

Have a heart for someone

Relate to someone

See with someone else’s eyes

Be in your skin