Trustworthiness In School

vs. unreliability

Gaining the confidence of others by demonstrating reliability

To practice Trustworthiness I will:

  • follow through with my commitments
  • complete all tasks to the best of my ability
  • keep confidences
  • tell the truth
  • anticipate the concerns of others
If you look at the “I wills” for being trustworthy, you are looking at the definition of what would make a good friend.  It’s about following through on promises, honoring secrets, telling the truth and being your best and proactive.  These are the activities that bond two people or a group together.

Creating a community within the classroom and the school is a key bully prevention strategy. Teaching students to value one another and feel connected to each other will create a trustworthy environment where students will care for each other.

This month focus on your trustworthiness to build up your relationships.