Trustworthiness Featured Book

Dec 1, 2021 | Curriculum Connection | 0 comments

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

by H.G. Hennessy, illustrated by Boris Kulikov


From Goodreads:

“Nothing ever happens here,” the shepherd thinks. But the bored boy knows what would be exciting: He cries that a wolf is after his sheep, and the town’s people come running. How often can that trick work, though?

B.G. Hennessy’s retelling of this timeless fable is infused with fanciful whimsy through Boris Kulikov’s hilarious and ingenious illustrations. This tale is sure to leave readers grinning sheepishly.

After reading the story to the class, process it with these or similar questions:
  • Did you like the story?
  • Was the Boy Trustworthy? Why or why not?
  • How do you think the others felt when they heard the claims from the Boy?
  • How do you think the Boy felt when they weren’t believed? Do you think they regretted the earlier lies?
  • Why do you think the Boy lied? What are some reasons that other people might lie? Are those good reasons?
  • How do you think the Boy can repair their trustworthiness?
  • Have you ever heard of anyone using the phrase “cry wolf” What do you think it means?
  • Will you remember this story the next time you want to tell a lie?

A similar story is Chicken Little.  If you have a version of that story, you can process it with the same questions substituting the characters.


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