Trustworthiness In Faith

vs. unreliability

Gaining the confidence of others by demonstrating reliability

To practice Trustworthiness, I will:

  • follow through with my commitments
  • complete all tasks to the best of my ability
  • keep confidences
  • tell the truth
  • anticipate the concerns of others
God is the ultimate example of what it means to be trustworthy. The Old Testament contains story after story of God keeping the promises he has made to his people. There are countless references to trust in God in the Psalms.  Jesus, in his complete obedience to the Father, demonstrates how we are to trust God. We all know what it feels like when friends or family members let us down. God will never let us down.

Our relationship with God needs to be more about trust than understanding.  Our faith is full of mysteries that call us to trust more than understand.  Our faith needs to give us confidence to do the will of God, secure in the knowledge that our God is trustworthy and caring.

This month, let the security of God’s trustworthiness give you courage to do His will.

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