Positivity In School

vs. discouragement

Maintaining a good attitude, even when faced with difficulty

To practice Positivity I will:

  • practice gratitude
  • do good things for others
  • make time to play and relax
  • think hopeful thoughts
  • understand that obstacles are there to challenge me

A Math Cheerleader

As a math tutor for elementary grades and a math teacher at the college level, I found more math fear than math ignorance.  Many students had no confidence in their math ability, and this affected their determination.  I always tried to find something in real life that modeled the math principles I was teaching.  Food and shopping figured prominently in my examples.  I always encouraged my students to have a positive outlook before learning something new, when starting homework or studying, and before a test.  Before passing out test papers, I tried to instill confidence in their ability and positivity in their attitude. Students seemed to respond and voiced appreciation for their change in attitude.

What course or project in your planner could use some Positivity?

Archived Bulletins for Positivity