Positivity In Faith

vs. discouragement

Maintaining a good attitude, even when faced with difficulty

To practice Positivity I will:

  • practice gratitude
  • do good things for others
  • make time to play and relax
  • think hopeful thoughts
  • understand that obstacles are there to challenge me

    “Let Go and Let God”

    As believers, it should be easy for us to be Positive and Optimistic as we know we have the gift of salvation and the promise of our heavenly home. Our faith is the knowledge that no matter what happens, God can use it in our lives to teach and strengthen us. We know he is bigger than any problem we face and will support us through everything. He gives us the Grace we need to face any hurdle before we face it. Being positive is a choice we can make every day.
    This month, let go and let God

    Archived Bulletins on Positivity: