Kindness Curriculum Connection – Science

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Resilience Curriculum Connection - Science

Humans, as social animals, depend on each other to survive.  Infants would not grow up if were not for the love and care of their parents.  As we get older, and can do more things for ourselves, we find that we still need each other for occasional help.  Having friends and others in our life who are kind to us is also something that many of us believe to be important.  Kindness is not just an abstract idea or a list of nice things to do for people.  Our bodies can perceive kindness in the touch of others.  When we are touched by someone who loves us in a warm and loving manner, it activates the part of the brain that creates peaceful and calm feelings.  When we are touched by someone in a way that we do not perceive as kind, it activates the stress response in our bodies.  Our brains are wired to want us to be in a loving community that can help us to thrive.

For more information, visit  Unesco’s article on the Science of Kindness