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Mar 5, 2024 | Curriculum Connection | 0 comments

Flat Stanly At Bat

by Jeff Brown and Lori Haskins Houran
illustrated by Macky Pamintuan


From Goodreads:

When Stanley plays center field for his baseball team, he is a flat-out great player! None of the other players can float to catch the highest hits, or earn walks from the fastest pitchers. But when the fairness of his flatness is questioned by the other team, Stanley has to step up to bat to prove himself.

Flat Stanley at Bat is a Level 2 I Can Read book, geared toward kids who can read on their own but still need a little help.

After reading the story to the class, process it with these or similar questions:
  • Did you like the story?
  • Why was Stanly flat and not like the rest of us or his family? (a bulletin board fell on him)
  • Did being flat make Stanley’s life difficult? Yes
  • Did this bother him? No
  • Why do you think the other team complained that Stanley was flat? Because he was different and a good player and they were losing
  • Do you think they would have complained if they were winning?
  • Why do you think Stanley didn’t want to be flat anymore? ( to prove his difference didn’t wasn’t an unfair advantage)
  • What did you think when he stuffed his uniform with clothes? How easy do you think it was to move like that?
  • Did the stuffing prove what he wanted? yes – he was still a good player
  • Why did the crowd complain about his “muscles”? It made him different.
  • Are all of us exactly the same? Can you appreciate the differences among the people you know? When you meet somebody new that is different, can you accept those differences, also?

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