Humility Reading List

Mar 25, 2020 | Curriculum Connection | 0 comments

King Hugo’s Huge Ego

by Chris Van Dusen


From Goodreads: “Hugo is a tiny king with a very large ego. But when he mistreats a villager who also happens to be a sorceress, the spell she casts causes his head to literally swell. The more he boasts, the bigger it gets, until it finally topples the mini monarch right off his castle! Who will cut this royal pain down to size? And, more important, will anyone live happily ever after? Chris Van Dusen’s hilarious story is matched only by his outrageous illustrations. Together, they make for a picture book that is sometimes fairy tale, sometimes cautionary tale, and always laugh-out loud funny.”

After reading the story to the class, process it with these or similar questions:

  • Did you enjoy the story of King Hugo?
  • Was it funny when his head got so big?
  • What do you think the king subjects thought of his bragging? or the people who lived and worked in the castle?
  • Do you think you will remember King Hugo’s big head the next time you want to brag or boast?
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