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Sep 29, 2020 | Curriculum Connection | 0 comments

Oh That Snow!
by Joy Cowley


From Amazon:

In order to keep their neighborhood safe, Grandfather Bear and friends promise to help clear the snow. As a new storm approaches, Grandfather Bear and Tory Rabbit are the only two clearing the snow. Keeping their promise, they clear the neighborhood to avoid dangerous conditions. Soon their friends realize the importance of working together and helping.

After reading the story to the class, process it with these or similar questions:

  • Do you like it when it snows?
  • What happened when the Raccoons didn’t clear the walkway by their house? (neighbors fell on the snowy sidewalk)
  • Why did all the animals agree to clear the snow in front of their houses? (to make it safe for everyone)
  • The next time it snowed, who cleared the walkways? (only Grandfather Bear and Tory Rabbit)
  • Did they only clear in front of their own house? (All the houses) Why? Because they promised – just because the others didn’t keep the promise it didn’t relieve them of keeping their promise.)
  • Were Grandfather Bear and Tory Rabbit upset that they others didn’t help? (No – they even made snow animals for everyone)
  • How do you think the other animals felt when they saw that they were the only two working? (surprised and sorry they didn’t help)
  • What did they do the next time it snowed? (they all pitched in to work then played together for a great day)
  • The next time you make a promise, will you remember this story and do your best to be dependable and keep your promise?

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