Thoroughness In Faith

vs. incompleteness

Taking care of necessary details

To practice Thoroughness I will:

  • plan my work
  • pay attention to details
  • make a list so I don’t forget
  • finish what I start
  • clean up along the way

“Plan Your Mission Work”

Plan your work and work your plan is a motto for getting things done correctly. Setting goals and creating action plans is one way to be thorough in your work habits. Having clearly defined objectives with measurable results is the first step. Working on that plan and turning it into action is where the results are produced.

As Christians, we need to take our plans one step further and determine if they are God’s will for us or our own. Being Thorough for a believer means that we need to make sure that our actions support our mission. It means that God’s plans for us must be front and center when we set our goals and make our plans. His goals are not an add-on to ours or only worked on if there is time leftover. His work must be first on our To-Do lists and action plans.

This month, how will you use Thoroughness in your  Christian Mission?

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