Resilience In Faith

vs. spiritless

Recovering from adversity

To practice Resilience I will:

  • adapt to adverse conditions
  • seek out support and build relationships
  • find meaning in all I do
  • not let failure stop my goals
  • build on my experiences 

“The Faith Boost”

As people of Faith, we have some extra help in the form of our Faith, when it comes to being Resilient. Calling upon God to help us when we feel downtrodden can boost our energy in dealing with adversity. We always know that God is there for us and this confidence can give us a more positive outlook when dealing with adversity. Each day God gives us the grace we will need to face whatever comes our way. We only have to open our hearts to accept this wonderful gift. Spending time in prayer or meditation can help us deal with the stress of adversity and add to our resilience. When we are suffering, we can join our suffering with that of the Passion of Christ and give meaning to our suffering. If we choose to whine and complain about it, we lose an opportunity for spiritual growth.

This month, use your Faith to boost your Resilience.

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