Empathy In Faith

vs. callousness

Sensing the emotions of others

To practice Empathy, I will:

  • See things from the point of view of others.
  • Imagine how I would feel in the situation of others.
  • Assume the best reasons for others’ actions.
  • Look for common traits with others.
  • Appreciate the differences of others.

    Soften Your Heart

    Looking at the opposite quality gives us more information about Empathy.  The word callousness calls to mind the hardness and barrier of callouses.  The opposite of that would be softness and openness, which is another way to think about Empathy. It takes an open heart to let Jesus in. He wants residence, and all it takes is an invitation.  It takes a soft heart to see Jesus in each other, to be willing to look past your own anger and wounds to sense the emotions of another.  When we become vulnerable by lowering our protective shields (our callouses), we can more readily sense the hurt in others and take action to be Jesus’s healing to them.

    What will you open your heart to this month?

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