Rocks of Love

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Faith Activity

Gather some rocks of a size that would be a handful for each family member.  Have them each hold them in their hand while you Read John 8:1-11 to them.

(if there are younger children, you may want to substitute the word cheating for adultery)

Process the story with these or similar questions:

Do you remember hearing this story before?

How do you think the woman felt when she was dragged before the crowd for punishment?

Do you believe Jesus loves this woman who cheated?

Why did people start walking away?

Does Jesus love us when we do bad things?

Throwing stones at people was a common punishment in Jesus’ time.  We don’t throw stones, but we can “throw” insults; we can exclude people.  The next time you want to respond in anger and insult someone, will you remember this rock and be able to find your Empathy for a better, more loving response?

After the discussion, you can use permanent markers to write LOVE on the rocks and set them around the house.