Naaman’s Servant Teaches Us About Empathy

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Faith Reflection

Peter Teaches Resilience

Naaman was a valiant warrior and commander of the King’s army.  During a raid, a young Israelite girl was taken captive, and she was placed in service to Naaman’s wife.  When the maid became aware that Naaman had leprosy she knew his disease would become severe; leading to isolation and an untimely death, so she made a suggestion to her mistress that he see the prophet Elisha.  Naaman did and was obedient to do what Elisha asked, and was restored to health again.  Because the young servant chose not to look at her own situation as a captive in a foreign land but was empathetic to the situation of her mistress’ husband, she was instrumental in his healing and redemption.