Positivity In the Community

vs. discouragement

Maintaining a good attitude, even when faced with difficulty

To practice Positivity I will:

  • practice gratitude
  • do good things for others
  • make time to play and relax
  • think hopeful thoughts
  • understand that obstacles are there to challenge me

Good News is Out There

We are surrounded by the Negative – news media, the economy, the climate, social media – sad news is everywhere.  But positive news is out there, too.  You may have to make a point to look for it but once you get in the habit you will be surprised how much is out there.  When it is happening to you, personally, it takes making lemonade from life’s lemons.  A  daily focus on Gratitude can help to notice the positive more often.

What can you do to recognize the Positive and share it with others?