Honesty In the Community

vs. deception

Being truthful in what I say and do

To practice Honesty I will:

  • tell the truth
  • encourage others to be truthful
  • not cheat or steal
  • admit when I am wrong
  • not exaggerate to make things seem different from what they are

“Authentic Exchanges”

At the beginning of every year, I set goals for my personal and professional lives. Several years ago, my dear, longtime friend, Patrick Mosher (Wisdom 4 Humanity), shared some Facebook Live videos on how he does his annual planning as a foundation for his daily, weekly, and monthly high-performance habits. I added some of his planning techniques to my planning and feel that my goals are much more closely aligned with who I am. It helped me take a much more honest look at myself and what I want.

One of his mission statements with his business is to teach and encourage Authentic Exchanges. Communicating authentically requires that we have an honest understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. When you know this about yourself, you avoid clouding your communication by trying to hide faults – because you already admit them and are acting to overcome them. When you communicate honestly and authentically, you create a climate of trust that allows others the freedom to act and interact without a need to build protective walls. And it all starts with being honest and vulnerable with yourself.

Taking time to review what I value now and what I value in my future, helps to set goals, and live intentionally. It is so much more than a New Year’s Resolution that gets forgotten by mid-February. It is creating a framework of my truths to guide my day-to-day decisions, activities, and interactions. It is building my authentic core of integrity and acting out of it. Like an Olympic athlete in strength-training, the more I use and reference my authentic core, the more I strengthen it.

This month, use honesty to strengthen your authentic core and build authentic exchanges with yourself and others.

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