Honesty In Faith

vs. deception

Being truthful in what I say and do

To practice Honesty I will:

  • tell the truth
  • encourage others to be truthful
  • not cheat or steal
  • admit when I am wrong
  • not exaggerate to make things seem different from what they are

    “Honesty Ripples”

    Being honest resembles those ripples. When we are genuine and accurate, we emanate truth outward. Each honest act builds our future credibility ripple by ripple. If we are going to speak the truth, we must first have that truth in our core: our heart and soul. Once we have it in our hearts, we cannot help but let it bubble out like the ripples. When we operate in a manner that is consistent with our core integrity, we are true to ourselves and to our faith. We become consistent and predictable, just like the ripples in the water. As people of faith, we know the more we build our core on God’s truths, the more we reveal His truths to others. The more we act with integrity the more we reinforce that core. Honesty builds relationships and links us to each other just as the ripples build out from the center.

    This month, practice honesty and watch it ripple.