Generosity In the Community

vs. stinginess

Managing resources to freely give

To practice Generosity I will:

      • share what I have with others
      • reuse and recycle
      • give of my time and talents
      • praise the qualities I see in others
      • not expect anything in return

    “Think Abundantly”
    -Jill W Tomey

    Generosity is a natural character quality to follow a study of Gratefulness because being Generous requires being an “abundant thinker”, someone who believes that there is enough to go around. Abundant thinkers are Generous because they feel lucky and don’t mind sharing what they have. Sharing is not just donating cash or goods but spending time to volunteer in the community or to sit with someone who needs attention. It can take the form of sharing a talent, mentoring with others, or being Generous with authentic compliments.

    Competition is valued as it can lead to increased skills whether they win or lose. Losing graciously is also a hallmark of a Generous heart. They understand that someone else’s success does not diminish their own.
    When you are Generous, there is less ego to get in the way in relationships or negotiations. Abundant thinkers are optimistic, confident and believe more good things are yet to come. They can give with no strings attached.

    On the other hand, scarcity thinkers are stingy thinkers, afraid that someone will take what they are entitled to. They are fearful, suspicious and pessimistic about their future, choosing to hoard what they have “just in case”.

    This month, think abundantly and practice Generosity with your time, talents and treasure.