Responsibility In Business

vs. unreliability

Knowing and doing what is expected of me

To practice Responsibility I will:

  • do my work to be best of my ability
  • keep my commitments
  • clarify expectations
  • not make excuses
  • correct my mistakes

    The Links below will take you to Resources you can use in the workplace or any organizational group to improve the Character Quality of Responsibility.

    Interview for Responsibility with this question:

    Describe some mistakes you have made in past positions and what you learned from them.

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    ​Balancing Responsibilities

    -Jill Tomey

    Responsibility is a big focus in grade school but do adults need this reminder? Shouldn’t we have already learned that lesson? I think adults in the workplace need to focus on who we are responsible to and prioritize those responsibilities. Right now, tic off, on one hand, five people/organizations you are responsible to – Go! I imagine we probably had some similar answers, with the top two being family/spouse and work. Was community or the environment on your list? What about your Faith – was that organization named? If you are a supervisor, did you list your direct reports? Did Pets make the top 5? If you lengthened the list, where did extended family fall? Did sports teams you are on or community/non-profit groups you support make the list? Did you place anywhere on your list? (Maybe we should have used all ten fingers!) Some people are on this list because they demand your Responsibility, such as your boss does as the gatekeeper of your paycheck. But supervisors have dual responsibilities. They are responsible to the organization as well as to their team members. No matter who we are, balancing our responsibilities takes forethought and planning.

    What will you do with your list?

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