Responsibility  In Faith

vs. unreliability

Knowing and doing what is expected of me

To practice Responsibility I will:

  • do my work to be best of my ability
  • keep my commitments
  • clarify expectations
  • not make excuses
  • correct my mistakes

    Responsibility to Faith

    What Responsibilities do you have to your Faith? What does it mean to belong to that ‘club’? If you were a Steelers fan, everyone would know that by your often-worn Jersey or talk of the team. How do people know you profess a certain faith? Do you have a responsibility to be public about this? Do you have a responsibility to let it into every aspect of your life? This month, we have a family activity aimed at children to create a Responsebili-Tree for their Faith. Perhaps, as adults, we should take time and do this activity, also.

    What is on your Responsibili-Tree?