January Character All Month Long

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See NationalToday.com for more information on these and other holidays to celebrate this month.

1 Commitment Day Commitment Day is mostly for couples but it is also a great time to commit to personal habits or your New Year’s Resolution. See our Resolution activity. #Diligence #Commitment
1 Universal Hour of Peace The main idea of the Universal Hour of Peace is to start the new year with peace and love. Did you know soldiers refrain for an hour from shootingand people try their best to avoid getting into unnecessary fights and arguments. Use your #Cooperation, #Forgiveness and #Respect today.
2 Motivation and Inspiration Day Today is #Motivation and #Inspiration Day. This month’s quality is #Initiative – How can you start on your New Year’s Resolutions? #Determination #Diligence #Enthusiasm
6 National Cuddle Up Day Use January’s cold weather to celebrate National Cuddle Up Day by snuggling under a cozy throw with a family member. #Compassion #Availability
10 National Save the Eagles Day Celebrate National Save the Eagles Day by exercising some of the character qualities attributed to eagles: #Loyalty #Trustworthiness #Honor
10 National Clean Your Desk Day On National Clean Your Desk Day, get rid of last year’s clutter and start the year off fresh. Computer desktops can also use some decluttering. #Orderliness
10 National Cut Your Energy Costs Day #Respect the environment on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. We all have a #Responsibility to do our part.
12 National Hot Tea Day Who could you share a good conversation and cup of tea with today? #Compassion
14 Organize Your Home Day #Respect your space on Organize Your Home Day. #Orderliness
17 Blue Monday Get rid of your gloomy outlook on Blue Monday by using your #Creativity #Gratefuleness and #Enthusiasm
17 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day What can you do to advance #justice this year? Start thinking now as we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. #Acceptance #Courage #Respect
18 National Winnie the Pooh Day Celebrate your friends with everyone’s friend on National Winnie the Pooh Day. #Friendship #Loyalty #Sincerity
19 National Popcorn Day Burst forth with your own #Enthusiasm on National Popcorn Day. #Positivity
21 National Hugging Day Who can you safely Hug today on National Hugging Day? #Compassion
21 National Squirrel Appreciation Day What are the “squirrels” in your life that drag your attention away? Use National Squirrel Appreciation Day to practice your #Attentiveness
24 National Compliment Day Be #Generous with your compliments of family and friends today on National Compliment day.
27 International Holocaust Remembrance Day On International Holocaust Remembrance Day Remember so we do not Repeat. #Acceptance #Justice #Respect #Compassion
28 National Lego Day Let National Lego Day inspire your #creativity
31 Inspire Your Heart with Art Day Combine your #Creativity and #Compassion on Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. See our activity.

What days did you celebrate? Do you know of any other holidays to celebrate with character this month? Share your experience below!