A Song In Your Heart

by | Sep 25, 2022 | Team Building | 0 comments

Ask the group to name some songs that were written about places. After they have named several, explain that people write songs about places that mean something to them. It may be where they met someone special or did something totally new. Have each participant think about places they have been that were special. If your group is not well-traveled, encourage them to pick a local place. Have each one of them make up a song-title that uses the name of the place. On a sheet of paper, they should write the title and decorate it as if it were a CD case. Arrange the participants in small groups and let them share their song-title and the story behind it. Make sure they know they are sharing their title before they choose it. When they are done sharing they will know something special about the others in their group.

To process this activity, ask these questions:

  • Was it hard to think of a place or write a title?
  • Did you enjoy hearing about the special places of the others?
  • What were the similarities to the song titles?
  • What were the differences in the stories behind the titles?
  • Does learning something important about another person make you feel more connected to them?