vs. entitlement

Demonstrating appreciation to others for what I have and how they have helped me

To practice Gratefulness I will:

  • show others how much I appreciate them
  • write thank-you notes
  • take care of what I have
  • count my benefits rather than my burdens
  • be content

    “Heartfelt Thank-Yous”
    -Jill W Tomey

    My granddaughter has learned the words ‘Thank You’ and when to use them. Anytime you give her something, she will say ‘Thank you’ and expect a reply of ‘You’re welcome’. The first time I heard her do it I thought it was so cute. Her babysitter thinks otherwise. Apparently, the other children have started to copy her ‘Thank you’ and the expectation of a personal ‘You’re welcome’. It has made it difficult to pass out food at lunch or items during circle time without giving each child the appropriate response. The children made it clear that a group ‘You’re welcome’ was not acceptable.

    How many times a day do you think you say “Thanks”? How many times is it a response and not a true expression of gratitude? Do you look at the store clerk and smile when you say it? Are you feeling grateful when you say it?

    When I was working in an office, I had two co-workers from different countries. One had been born in Poland and came here in the 6th grade. The other was from Wales and came as an adult. The Polish gentleman always said, “Thank you so much”. The Welsh gentleman always said, “Thank you for that”. I don’t know whether their accents or culture had anything to do with really feeling truly thanked when they spoke or not, but it was always something I noticed.

    I’ve since copied the “Thank you so much”. Changing my thank-you words made me aware of how many times a day I just said it. Now I try to mean it, too. Perhaps you could come up with your own new way of saying ‘thank you’. A simple Google search found quite a few different variations including my grandfather’s ‘Much obliged’. If ‘thank you’ suits you then perhaps you can try to use someone’s name with it, smile more or make eye contact.

    This month, let your ‘Thank yous’ come from your heart.