vs. laziness

Focusing my effort on the work at hand

To practice Diligence I will:

  • concentrate on my work
  • follow instructions
  • do a job right
  • finish my projects
  • not be lazy

Someone once said that we can either become ‘bitter’ or ‘better’ from our challenging times. What is the only difference between those words? It’s the letter ‘i’, as in ‘I have a choice as to whether my challenges make me better or make me bitter’. That’s empowering when you think about it. Diligence allows us to choose how we spend our energy. We can become bitter and spend our energy whining and wasting time or we can become better, and spend our energy getting things done.
Many people also see diligence as meaning hard work. When you work hard on something and put energy, time and passion into it, it becomes more than just hard work – it’s heart work.

This month, harness your diligence and become better.