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Diligence Faith Resources

vs. laziness

Focusing my effort on the work at hand

To practice Diligence I will:

  • concentrate on my work
  • follow instructions
  • do a job right
  • finish my projects
  • not be lazy

Diligence for people of faith means putting your heart and soul into your tasks, embracing each with forethought, consideration, energy and attention to detail. It means being in the moment and not distracted by worldly pleasures.

Diligence also requires that we be selective of the tasks that deserve that type of attention. Are the tasks we choose to do, the ones that God has chosen for us? When we are doing the work God wants us to do, we can tap into the Joy of His mission to motivate and energize us. When we labor with His love, our work is life-giving.

Many times, the effort we spend to do a job correctly and completely goes unnoticed or unappreciated by those around us. Be assured, that God sees our diligence and will gift us with his grace to continue our diligence. Sometimes diligence requires that we suffer through hardships to see a task completed. This suffering, too, is a source of grace.

This month, let cheerful diligence accompany the work you do.