No Matter How You Say It: Wisdom

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on the meaning behind these Wisdom Symbols.

In Other Languages

Spanish – sabiduría

French – Sagesse

German – Weisheit

Italian – saggezza

Swedish – visdom

Euskara – jakinduria

Portugese – sabedoria

Word Origin

Wisdom is from the Old English wis “knowledge, learning, experience,” and  German Weistum “judicial sentence serving as a precedent”.

Can you see how being wise is using knowledge and experience to make decisions?

Sign Language



Can you see how Wisdom is using the mind and Foolish ignores it?

Wisdom Idioms

wise guy


experience is the father of wisdom

wise beyond their years

pearl of wisdom

nugget of wisdom

conventional wisdom

wisdom of hindsight

infinite wisdom


out of the mouths of babes

worldly wisdom

the wisdom of Solomon

there’s no fool like an old fool