No Matter How You Say It: Self-control

by | Apr 15, 2024 | No Matter How You Say It

Word Origin

The word Control comes from the Anglo-French word Contreroller. Contreroller means to “Exert authority”. Control also comes from the Latin word Contra, which means “Against”.  The word Self comes from the Old English word Self, meaning “one’s own person”.

Can you see how control of oneself gives you authority over your actions?


Sign Language 



Can you see how Self-Control is like holding the reins of a horse – steady and paced?


In Other Languages

 Spanish – Autocontrol

 German – Selbstkontrolle

 French – Maîtrise de soi

 Dutch – Selfbeheersing

 Swedish – Självkontroll 

 Icelandic – Sjálfsstjórn

Icons and Graphics for Self-Control

Self-Control Idioms and Phrases

  • Back off
  • Be a soldier
  • Bite your tongue
  • Cool your jets
  • Exercise restraint
  • Get a grip
  • Get a grip on yourself
  • Get your act together
  • Hold back the floodgates
  • Hold your horses
  • Hold your tongue
  • Keep a level head
  • Keep a lid on it
  • Keep a steady hand
  • Keep a stiff upper lip
  • Keep a tight rein on yourself
  • Keep your cool
  • Keep your head
  • Keep your shirt on
  • Keep your temper in check
  • Keep your wits about oneself
  • Keep yourself in check
  • Pull yourself together
  • Recharge one’s batteries
  • Take a chill pill
  • Take it easy

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