Punctuality In School

vs. tardiness

Showing respect for others by doing the right thing at the right time

To practice Punctuality, I will:

  • think of the impact my tardiness has on others
  • prepare for unexpected delays
  • do my work ahead of time
  • plan a daily schedule and stick to it
  • not fall into the trap of “just one more”

    The Importance of Deadlines

    When teaching at the college level, I didn’t accept late work, and makeup tests were more challenging. I wanted them to start thinking like the business world. Late assignments could mean losing a sale, failing to get something licensed, or incurring a fine from a regulatory agency. I emphasized that those behaviors do not magically appear with a cap and gown; they needed to build those habits now. I thought it only fair that if they had a deadline, I needed to respect them enough to have a corresponding deadline. I made a point of returning tests or papers at the next class meeting. I talked about this on the first day of class, so students were expecting this and would hold me accountable if I failed. This required looking ahead and blocking my schedule for grading after assignments were due so I could honor this pledge. It sometimes led to very late nights grading if it conflicted with an event that couldn’t be skipped. I also tried to coach students on the right timing of Punctuality by examining my syllabus against holidays and school events. If an assignment was due on a day that may have a conflict, I listed alternate due dates  – earlier, of course. I also suggested they compare these dates to their personal calendars and make their own due date adjustments if needed. I also gave advice on the first day about what grade they were aiming for and to aim higher to account for bad things happening. If they only needed a B, and that’s all the effort they gave, then unexpected circumstances could turn that B into a C.  Had they worked for an A and something happened, their B would still be safe. It all boils down to looking far enough ahead and planning.

    What does the Right Timing of Punctuality tell you how to prepare?

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