Discipline In School

vs. self-indulgence

Choosing behaviors to help me reach my goals

To practice Discipline I will:

  • set my own limits
  • not act impulsively
  • walk away from things that aren’t right
  • not equate desires with rights
  • choose to build good habits

‘Dichotomy of Discipline’
– Bill Croskey

Carolyn Hax is a Washington Post writer who gives advice on how to handle romantic relationships, parenting, and friendship pressures. I find her advice to be pragmatic and honest. Some years ago, she had a column about two co-workers. One was described as overweight, ate lots of fast food meals, and spoke openly about her frustration with not losing weight. The other, the letter writer, was slim. The thinner person wanted to give the other woman unsolicited advice on how to lose weight. Carolyn advised that just because the woman was worried enough about her weight to discuss her frustration in public, it does not mean that she is ready to accept suggestions or that she even wants advice. Rather, as Carolyn put it, “Weight control is such an individual thing.” Someone who complains about her weight while eating fast food regularly is not clear yet on whether she wants to make changes in her lifestyle.

I see a parallel between this column and the current Character Quality, Discipline: “Choosing behaviors to help me reach my goals.” See if you agree.
In terms of unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking excessively, overeating, or some other indulgence, the clear message is that succumbing to my desires is wrong and Discipline is right. That is kind of a frustrating dichotomy for me.

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