Self-Control In School

vs. self-indulgence

Choosing behaviors to help me reach my goals

To practice Self-Control, I will: 

  • set my own limits
  • not act impulsively
  • walk away from things that aren’t right
  • not equate desires with rights
  • choose to build good habits

The Popcorn Kids

by Jill Tomey

Years ago, I substituted in an elementary-grade classroom. I referred to it as teaching popcorn kids. I do not believe there was ever a time when all students were seated at the same time. There was never quiet, and distractions were the norm. The lack of self-control on the part of the students made for an exhausting day that tested the self-control of this substitute.

The classroom is a dynamic environment full of diverse needs, opinions, backgrounds, skills, and attitudes. Self-control is essential. When students can self-manage emotions, impulses, and attention, it fuels individual and collective success. It empowers students to navigate distractions and persevere through challenges to unlock their full potential as learners. When students can self-regulate, they are less likely to engage in disruptive behavior, creating a classroom where everyone feels safe and respected.

Self-control equips students with valuable life skills that extend far beyond the classroom walls. By practicing self-discipline, managing impulses, and delaying gratification, students develop essential tools for navigating the challenges and opportunities they will encounter throughout their lives.

How will you model and encourage Self-Control?

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