Trustworthiness Curriculum Connection – Science

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Curriculum Connection | 0 comments

This lesson will relate the concept of trustworthiness to measurements. Begin by asking what the temperature of the room is. Then ask them how accurate that measurement is.  Have a small thermometer ready so that you can read what the exact temperature is.  Next have an item that can be measured with a ruler or yardstick.  Have them guess what the length is and then measure it. Ask some questions about the importance of measurements being accurate.  When is it important to know an exact temperature?  (baking, a fever)  When is it important to know an exact measurement? (building, buying curtains)  Now move the discussion into the realm of science and science experiments.  Discuss the importance of being accurate in experiments – measuring, recording, observing.  Acting in a trustworthy manner while planning, conducting and reporting on research will create results with Trustworthiness.