Compassion In School

vs. indifference

Helping those who are hurting

To practice Compassion I will:

  • notice when others are hurting
  • be kind regardless of differences
  • listen when others want to talk
  • stop to help
  • treat myself kindly without indulging

‘The Wounded Healer’
– Bill Croskey

As I write this, Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You is wafting through the house. Great song. Powerful voice. It reminded me of other great songs and their interpreters. Have you ever seen the movie Funny Girl? It is the biographical story of Fanny Brice, a vaudeville, Broadway, and radio star of the early to middle years of the Twentieth Century. The Fanny Brice story, in turn, made Barbra Streisand a Broadway, television, and movie star. Surely the song that epitomizes the show, Streisand’s signature number, is “People.” Her phrasing…the lyrical nuances she creates as she renders each note…I cannot imagine a better singer to perform it! (I know…I am talking about a has-been to some of you. She’s Josh Brolin’s stepmother, OK?!!) My favorite lyric from “People” is “A feeling deep in your soul/ Says you were half – now you’re whole.”

Wow! That’s lucky! It is a feeling of completion – and completeness. Being made whole! That is what healing is all about. Maybe falling in love is not YOUR idea of healing, but love could heal a wounded heart, couldn’t it? That brings us to Compassion, the Character Quality of the Month. Its definition, “Helping those who are hurting,” has the central notion of helping someone become whole.

I used to give students individual tests. One test asked students to define “compassion.” 

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