Cautiousness In School

vs. rashness

Taking time to ensure the right decision is made or action is taken

To practice Cautiousness I will:

  • think before I speak
  • follow safety guidelines
  • include others in decision making
  • think through possible outcomes
  • avoid unnecessary risk

    “Yellow Light”

    -Jill Tomey

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a traffic light for our lives that could blink yellow to warn us to slow down and think about how our words and actions may be received or what consequences they could generate? So often, we know exactly how we caused an undesirable response. We find ourselves saying if only I wouldn’t have…

    Being present in the here and now so we can give our attention fully to this moment is what being careful is all about. Our schedules are so busy that we are often more mindful of what is next on the daily agenda rather than what we are engaged in right now.

    Perhaps being cautious begins before the actual moment occurs when a decision is required. Maybe it begins with taking some time to look at what we value in life and determining if our overall behavior is supporting those values. This requires time to identify our goals and values and then making plans and decisions ahead of time to assure ourselves we are on the right track. It might require that we eliminate those activities that aren’t aligned with our plans giving us more time to focus, be engaged and careful of what we are doing.

    This month, slow down and practice cautiousness with your decisions today and enjoy a better tomorrow.


    Archived Bulletins for Cautiousness: