What A Deal!

by | Jun 25, 2022 | Team Building

This activity requires a deck of playing cards, even a deck that is missing cards works for this game. Deal out several cards to each person. Go around the room and one by one each person needs to play a card by laying it down in front of them and telling something about themselves in one sentence based on the suit of the card as described below.

Heart – Open up your heart and tell us something you are passionate about
Diamond – Put on your shades and tell us something brilliant about yourself
Spade – Dig into your past and tell us a funny story about yourself
Club – Name a club or team that you belong to or like to follow.

You can choose to have them do all their cards at once or go around for as many cards as dealt. You can also deal more cards than intended rounds and let them choose which cards to use. For younger participants, you may want to base it only on the color and offer just 2 options to discuss. If the group is large, you can break it down into smaller groups for sharing.

To process this activity, ask these questions:

  • Did you like talking about yourself?
  • Was it hard to come up with something quickly?
  • Did you learn anything new about someone in the group?
  • Did anyone have an answer like yours?
  • How boring would it have been if we all had the same answers?