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For this activity, you will need two Popsicle sticks or small twigs, and a couple spools of thread. Students can pair up, or this can be a small group activity. One student should hold the two sticks in front of them, while another student ties one circle of thread around the sticks. Each student should take one stick and then attempt to pull them apart. The thread should snap easily at this point. Repeat the thread tying, but this time tie two circles of thread. It should be a bit harder to snap the thread. Repeat the thread tying, adding one more loop of thread each time, until the thread will not break.

Now make a list on the board of good and bad habits, like doing homework versus not picking up after yourself. Habits are a lot like the thread. The more times we act with diligence, the stronger the habit is, the stronger the inclination to act with diligence when we are facing a challenge.

 To process this activity, ask these questions:
  • Did you expect to be able to break the thread with only one loop?
  • Did you make a guess at how many loops of thread it would take until it wouldn’t break?
  • Strengthening your diligence is like strengthening a muscle. Do you think that even little examples of diligence will strengthen your overall diligence?