Scramble your Senses

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Activity | 0 comments

Mr. (or Mrs.) Potato Head has removable parts that are related to all 5 senses. Use a Mr. Potato Head to set up some games to focus on each of the senses. They can be activities that deprive a sense (remove his eyes if you are using blindfolds) or focus on a sense (only insert the sense you are using). Some examples:

  • blindfolded students must fold paper according to vocal instructions
  • go outside and have students listen and identify what they hear
  • make a recording of various sounds and have the students guess what they are
  • hide items in paper lunch bags or cloth bags and let students feel the bag to guess what’s inside
  • create some vials of smelly foods and see if they can identify what they are
  • make some simple candy that has a flavor that doesn’t match the color (i.e. the cherry flavor is yellow and the grape flavor is orange) and have the students try to identify the flavor. Find out if they are paying attention to the color or the taste.
 To process this activity, ask these questions:
  • Did you enjoy the activity?
  • What did you find the hardest to do?
  • Did you feel tricked when the color of the candy did not match the flavor?
  • Did you gain an appreciation for a sense that was taken away?
  • Did being aware of your senses change how much detail to which you were able to be attentive?
  • Do you think you could train your senses to be more focused on what is important?