I Doubt It

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Activity | 0 comments

This is a card game that we will use to teach about telling the truth.  Arrange the students in groups of about 5.  Each group needs a deck of cards.  Choose the student in each group with the longest last name to be the dealer. (Ties in name length can be settled with rock, paper, scissors.)  Deal the cards 2 or 3 at a time until there are only a few cards remaining.  If the children are small, you may want to remove the picture cards so they don’t have as many cards to hold.  The student to the left of the deal starts.  For complete rules visit https://www.bicyclecards.com/how-to-play/i-doubt-it/ .  Let each group play until there is a winner or your time is up.

 To process this activity, ask these questions:
  • Did you like that game?
  • Was it easier when you were telling the truth or when you were lying?
  • Did you feel bad when you were lying?
  • How easy was it to lie the first time? The last time?
  • How did it feel to get caught?
  • What will you do the next time you are tempted to lie?