Wisdom In Faith

vs. foolishness

Making practical application of what is learned

To practice Wisdom I will:

  • seek out knowledge to fill in my gaps
  • learn from correction
  • choose my friends carefully
  • consider the consequence of my action
  • ask “what is the right thing to do?”

    “God’s Wisdom”

    -Jill W Tomey

    When you think of Wisdom, do you think of God’s Wisdom or worldly wisdom? God’s Wisdom teaches us the importance of humility, mercy, generosity, and compassion. Worldly wisdom advocates getting ahead, amassing wealth, and putting my needs above others. If we want to be full of God’s Wisdom, we need to actively make that happen. God’s grace and Wisdom are abundant, but we must make ourselves open to it and seek it out. We need to fill ourselves with his Word so that we are prepared to make wise decisions.

    This month, open yourself to God’s wisdom and enjoy his blessings.

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