Soaking up God’s Wisdom

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Faith Activity

You will need two small dry sponges, a bowl of clear water, a small shallow bowl with red-colored water (or you can use a red-colored drink), and 2 paper plates (ones with a bit of lip on them work best).

Start by explaining that the sponges represent our minds and our hearts. They soak up what is around us. Identify the red liquid as bad stuff from the devil and the clear water is the Wisdom of God. Put a dry sponge into the red liquid. While it is soaking up the liquid, talk about how we ‘soak up’ things around us. Perhaps if we are around a friend who curses a lot we are apt to start cursing, too. Remove the sponge and place it on a paper plate.

Place the second dry sponge into the clear water. While it is soaking up the clear water, explain that when we soak up the Wisdom of God, by praying, attending worship, and reading the Bible. Now take the sponge out of the clear water and place it in the bowl of the darker water, without squeezing it out first. Ask if the sponge will soak up as much of the darker water as the dry sponge did. After it has soaked, remove it and place it on a second paper plate. Squeeze the water out of each sponge onto its plate. The water from the sponge that went into the clear water first should be lighter than the other sponge. There should be some residual color in the other sponge after it is squeezed. Place it in the bowl of clear water and notice the color that comes out of the sponge.

After you finish the demonstration, process the activity with these or similar questions:
  • What did you think I was going to do with the sponges and the water when you first saw the activity?
  • Why didn’t the second sponge soak up as much of the red water? (When God is in our hearts and minds, there isn’t as much room for evil – we will have more willpower to say no to bad things)
  • How is rinsing the sponge with the red liquid, like asking God for forgiveness? ( asking God to wash away our sins)
  • The next time you have a choice, will you remember the sponges and God’s Wisdom inside of you and make a wise choice?