Freeze Frame

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Faith Activity | 0 comments

This game will help children be attentive to a specific command. The command is Freeze Frame. Let them be silly and move around or dance until you call out “Freeze Frame”. When they here that they are to Freeze where they are and listen. Once they have frozen say Thank You then have a pun ready to recite – the sillier the better. They are to stay still and silent until you give the command “Release”. Be sure to give the Release command as soon as the pun is finished so they can laugh or groan without breaking. If they move or make a sound during the freeze there needs to be a consequence such as sitting out the next round in freeze while everyone else gets to move. Do this routine several times until they can respond to the voice command. When the game is over read the following scripture passage: John 10:27-28. Discuss how important it is to listen for God speaking to us.

You may want to play this game every few days until Freeze Frame is a solid command. Try using it when you need to get their attention when they are playing and not paying attention when they should be. It can even be used to get their attention when you are trying to prevent them from doing something dangerous such as running into the street.

To process this activity, ask these questions:
  • Did you have fun playing Freeze Frame?
  • How important was listening in this game?
  • How important is it to be attentive to directions from trusted adults?
  • Can you come up with some situations where not be attentive could result in something bad such as an injury?

How did this activity go when you used it with your group? Did you make any modifications that worked better for you? Share your experience below!